Sharing personal insights on Emotional Weight Loss, Self-Love, and Personal Legacy

An Idea Was Born

The greatest idea I ever adopted was the idea that I am a perfect, whole, and complete idea in the mind of God.  I believe that this idea is powerful in the process of healing and Emotional Weight Loss.  I am not only an idea, but I was given an idea for my life, which I have not been able to part with.  I believe that my vision is a great factor in my ability to endure and rebound in life.  I use my life vision to serve, and I hope that others will do the same.

Teaching from Personal Experience

I began teaching in 2009, using the blog talk radio platform.  Truth be told, I've always been a teacher.  I first used my poetry to write about issues I wanted people to know about. I then progressed to the spoken word art form as a way to carry my messages.  I now write a bi-monthly blog called, The Road2Wholeness Blog.  There I mainly write and speak on Self-Love, God's Love, and Emotional Weight Loss.  

The Author

Renegotiating Kayla was published in 2006.   The novel takes you on an emotional journey with the main character Kayla Ross.  Kayla who was sexually abused as a child, and is now living a life of disassociation from her past, finds herself stuck in one fruitless relationship after another and begins to seek a road towards healing; going from victim to survivor by the end of the novel.  The book is entertaining, moving, and inspiring. You may find out more about this book online.




As we bring our subconscious sandbags to the surface of our consciousness; we can then address them, discard them, or simply DROP THEM!   When our intended will syncs with the perfectly intended will of God, it becomes spiritually empowered.

NaTisha Renee - Author/Speaker/Blogger